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V2 Delivers with FedEx Video September 2012

V2 Media (formerly TV II Multimedia) is making the new name known after a brand change this Summer. The company has earned five awards for a single video designed to introduce the strenuous, yet rewarding, work that takes place every day at the FedEx Memphis World Hub. The video garnered three national Videographer Awards and two national Telly Awards. The first Videographer Award was given for the video’s use as a creative recruiting tool for employee orientation. The Videographer Award of Excellence, their highest honor, was awarded for the use of original music. The Telly Awards were also presented for the videos use as a recruiting tool and for the use of original music. The Silver Award, the top honor awarded by the Tellys was awarded for use of original music.

“FedEx wanted to connect with new hires and potential hires and they gave us the creative freedom to achieve this. The video has no words - only music - with images of a normal day for five employees of the FedEx Memphis Hub” said Matt Beickert, V2 Media President and Director of the video.

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