Mobile Apps & Mobile Site Development in Memphis

V2 Media provides professional, high-end mobile web sites and mobile web apps to the Memphis corporate market as well as a client base from all over the world. V2 provides mobile framework development, database backend development, mobile graphics and mobile design layout. V2 Media has staff expertise in front end design, mobile UI design, scripting, programming, database development, CSS, HTML5, JQuery mobile framework, and more.

Hampton Standout

As part of the communications strategy for the 2011 Hampton General Manager StandOut Event, V2 media worked with the Hampton Brand team and two of our partner companies, and Behind The Scenes, to produce a mobile version of the event site that attendees could reference from any device. The site supported nearly 2500 attendees with registration, personalized agenda and travel information, and a custom contact and search feature for all attendees, similar to a custom event-only “Facebook” application.


Mobile web design, custom programming, API integration with 3rd party software, technical support

Wright Medical Mobile

Wright Medical, an international orthopedic product development and manufacturing client, asked V2 for an easy way to share globally their internal quarterly update meetings. Working with the company's marketing and IT departments V2 designed and created an easy microsite and interface that allows a user to access the passworded site using any device. This microsite was accomplished with a minimal budget, but a maximum impact on helping our client create a solution.


Mobile web design, custom programming, video production